About Roundstone

Roundstone (Cloch Na Rón or Rock of the Seals in Irish) lies at the foot of Errisbeg Mountain and on the western arm of Bertraghboy bay in Connemara, Co. Galway. The village, founded in the mid 1820s by the Scottish engineer Alexander Nimmo, lies 77km (48 miles) north-west of Galway City.

Roundstone was originally settled by Scottish fishing families. A Franciscan monastery was built in 1835 and by the mid 1840s the village boasted 75 houses, a population of 400, and a thriving fishing industry.

Today Roundstone is a much-favoured holiday destination that attracts artists, poets, artisans, and musicians—as well as its fair share of film crews—drawn by the spectacular natural beauty of its mountain and seascapes, as well as the relaxed pace of life in West Connemara.

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